Don’t cry, Honey,
It’s Just A Game



21 Track Album, 13th of April 2020


Experimental, Ambient, Balearic, Electronic, Garage, 2step, New Age Pop, Avant-Pop

„The mother symbolizes our feminine side, nurturing instincts, protecting our minds from the negative. The child on the other hand represents the heedless, unconcerned, competitive masculine citizen, being stripped bare-naked and kicked out of a long lived ideology“.

As evidenced by the album’s title, as well as songs like “Distraction Method”, “Financial Memory”, “Waiting Room” and “Distant Touch” my penchant for radical politics is especially accentuated on this release. This Album handles and points to the quality of dualism. It yearns to an ideal mother-like mental state of mind, we all should try to be in right now. Instead of just concentrating on a capitalistic, risk taking father-like manor.

It’s easy to see that we have all been stripped to a point of total vulnerability. A time of full realization for everyone that took their entire existence for granted. Day by day. In quarantine most of us are still playing along with those bizarre checkerboard rules, not being able to degenerate one’s self from a plastic kingdom.

Our global system, rules, demands and government orders, all fall under masculine traits. If we don’t start to use our feminine intuition, love, creativity, problem solving solutions, then we become unbalanced. Thus becoming controlling, competitive and in rage of anxiety, which in most cases lead to illogical actions taken in order to fulfill a prioritized agenda.


I sculpt my balance between the female and male energy
when ever creating pieces of music. 
Making subtle melodies
and harmonies collide and shift into frantic noise,
enriched with substantial rhythmic drum work to lead the way.
I consider this to be experimental music in which i reflect
my radical thought patterns. 
Yet still leaving room for unabashedly
fun and child-like fascination. “End Of An Epoch” implements
how melancholic but joyous it can be to imagine new futures
and possibilities and letting go of the past commodities.
While “Vogeltanz” or “Strelitzia Alba” reminds us to dance,
re-connect with nature and howl to the path towards utopia.


In context this is an experience
of collective eagerness.
A way to enchant the psyche.
Each listener moving to it’s own
individual notion of what the outcome may be.


For more info on buying the album, sift through the stores:

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All recorded songs written, arranged and mastered by: Liam Back
Artwork illustrated and animated by: Liam Back
Text written by: Liam Back

© 2020 all rights reserved

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