„Check out the trailer for Liam Back’s new cassette ‚Thruway Lane‘.

There won’t be many tape cassettes with an advert this flashy.“
– Chris, Headcount Records

unfortunately these are all sold out


Story progression

Producers often wonder whether their content gets heard
by the right people. With MP3s and streaming platforms
nowadays, there’s a taste-and-go mentality.
It’s like, I’ll listen to a few seconds here, what’s this over there…
With „Thruway Lane“ i wanted to achieve the complete opposite.

A cassette demands more effort. People have to take the
vision of an artist, in their hands and stick with it for a certain
amount of time. Sure, That’s a hard choice to make in this day
and age, with so many bits and pieces going on online.
But isn’t it satisfying just watching and listening to the crackle
of a vinyl go round or when cassettes are playing, they look
like machines themselves, with all the gears and wheels moving.

Thanks to Brighton Record Label Headcount records (UK)
for bringing this “Limited Edition” project to life! It wouldn’t
be right if i didn’t give this Mixtape a nostalgic touch. So i took out
my old hardware gear from the cellar,  an excuse to play around
with my old Korg-Synthesizer, Roland-drum-machine, favorite
80s Basslines, samples of a few Guitar-licks and mash them up,
to give it that eighties feel. Graphic design meets Future Retro
Font Types, voila. So let´s fish out our walkmans,
flourish the 1970s/80s and reject industry standards.


„Check out that Would I Lie video. This is the soundtrack to a radical life.“- Brian Miller

Behind the Scenes of the Video and Cover Shoot in my Kitchen.


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