Vacant Sea


liamback vacantsea

12 Track Album, Released through Headcount Records (UK) 2015.

Chris, Headcount Records made Vacant Sea possible. He wanted something sturdy featuring some tracks he thought had potential; Immature dreams, Prana, Sushi & Wine etc. So Vacant Sea (extended) was born. This Album was re-mixed & compiled by myself as an extended version of the early 2012/2013 self released „Vacant Sea“ & „Cosmology“ Ep. Each Ep included 4 or 5 tracks which made it to a solid HC release, three years later. With over 2M streams world wide, since 2015.

for more info on buying the album, sift through the stores: Bandcamp iTunes Spotify Amazon GooglePlay 

Liam Back delivers some nostalgic visuals for Immature Dreams, one of the standout cuts from his recent album Vacant Sea, out now on Headcount. Make sure you check in with Liam’s music and design work via the links below. Based in Hamburg, Germany Liam can bounce genres around for fun so he’s someone we’re very excited about working with again in the future. - Headcount Records.

„Love this style of electronic music. Literally put this album on and danced the whole way through. My favorite track: Myriad Flakes. – pall steward

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