33 Track Album

Februrary 2015


After several self-released EP’s Liam Backs project XXXIII lands via Headcount Records. XXXIII (Elysium Vs.Tartarus) is technically a double album loosely split between the two themes of Heaven & Hell. The first 16 tracks explore Liam’s lighter, more playful side whilst the following 17 tracks allow Liam to display the harder edge of his production abilities. This collection of tracks is his most ambitious piece of work to date and is accompanied by several visual works produced by the musician himself. This German based beat maker delivers dark, ambient rhythms wedged between future bass and experimental Hip Hop. – Headcount Records .

HC024 released Februrary 05, 2015 through Headcount Records

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„..My friend who is an owner of a sneaker store in Miami was playing this (Blakk Roses Music Video) on all of his screens and on repeat..“ – Nikki Viva


Liam Back – Black Roses What do you do with a bunch of light tests? Thats right, a Music Video. The generation of self promoting producers living by the german motto; turning shit into gold. This was a no budget aka do it your fucking self type of project. Filmed on a tripod in my living room using a Grey Backdrop, an Ol‘ Canon + Kit Lens, and 1 Softbox held by a Sneaker shoelace. Edited in Premiere Pro and Colour Grading/SFX in After Effects.

Song sample: Barrington Levy – Black Roses
Camera: Liam Back + Ekaterina Kashtanova CRPTC CHILD
Edit: Liam Back

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