Silent Flames


14 Track Album, 29th of January 2024


Experimental, Brutalism, Electronic, Trap, Witch House, Noisemusic, Sound design, 

Gaia, our nurturing provider, is bearing the weight of our relentless demands. We have exploited her bountiful resources with no regard for the consequences. We have poisoned her rivers, choked her skies with pollutants, and plundered her forests. She has been patient, enduring our abuses with silent forbearance. But now, her patience wears thin, and the repercussions of our actions are becoming increasingly dire. She can only sustain us for so long under the weight of our indifference and greed.

„Have we forgotten that we are not separate from nature but deeply interconnected with it. In our forever quest for progress we have forgotten that our well-being, our fate is linked and intertwined with the health & fate of Mother Earth, and as we continue to degrade her, we jeopardize our own survival“.



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All recorded songs written, arranged and mastered by: Liam Back
Artwork illustrated and designed by: Liam Back
Text written by: Liam Back

© 2024 all rights reserved

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