TOMORROW HAPPENED, PT.2 taken from Comakid’s latest EP which was released in October, is one of his most intriguing and compelling works. The majestic piece has now been remixed by Hamburg’s very own Liam Back, who surely does not fall short of originality and delivers a new version of this song. Liam’s take feels familiar yet unexpected and although the harmonic soundscape very much recalls the original composition, he was able to cleverly twist the song by adding vocals but without compromising its primary essence.

Song Title: Tomorrow Happened, Pt.2
(Liam Back Remix)

Artist: Comakid
Composers: Francesco Cassino, Liam Back
Label: DRRT Records
Released: 25/01/2023
Genre: Electronic/UK Garage/2Step
Publisher: North Note Publishing
Distribution: INgrooves

Comakid is an Italian producer, UK naturalized and multi-instrumentalist, he is committed to the continuous research and experimentation of sound and it’s aesthetics, with no boundaries whatsoever, his style is very diverse but also coherent and unique. Analog sounds, unpredictable patterns combined with dreamy melodies and a very emotive approach, are some of the features you can always expect from his music. Making a name for himself among fellow producers, Comakid recently dropped „Hyper Real“– his latest pack of instruments, drum racks and effects on Ableton and released his much anticipated EP „Full HD Hugs“ in October. He has been partnering up with a coveted list of producers/musicians like Egopusher, Dokkodo Sounds and Liam Back to name a few to drop remixes of the EP’s track list. 

The match between these two producers, which are collaborating for the first time linked by DRRT Records, is a heavenly one for multiple reasons. Both artists have strong 2Step/Garage influences that they showcase through the very rhythmical arrangements they create which by happenstance makes sense, since Liam is half English and Comakid has lived in London for half his life! Both artists share a very personal approach towards their art but also towards the visual aspect of their releases too.

Finally, both are very technical producers and their skills have brought them to respectively be official collaborators of Ableton (Comakid) and Native Instruments (Liam Back) on multiple occasions making them kindred spirits in a unique way without even knowing it. The broken beat and sweeping synth stabs of the remix create a chilled yet driving sensation bound to make this an optimal fit for many of the electronic playlists and media outlets.

„I really liked the original track from Comakid’s EP. It had those warm keys that drew me in immediately. It sounded clean and simple, yet entailed a lot of details. So I wasn’t sure at first on how to approach this one because the original track was perfect as it was.“
– Liam Back

I knew I wanted to chop the keys and play around with my MPC because that usually gets my creative juices going. The feeling of the future garage type rhythm and bass line was sitting as a draft on the tip of my earbuds. I thought I’d add another bass layer, this time playing on top with my bass guitar. It’s a minor detail, but it adds a little human touch to the already organic piano from Comakid. After a few hours working with his stems, I kind of gotten a vibe in my mind. I didn’t think anything of it, but as time went on, more words sprung to mind and I just couldn’t help but record those lines. As it happens, Comakid and the DRRT Team decided to keep these recordings in the remix.  – Liam Back

I think the title “Tomorrow Happened“ really inspired me and already sparked an interest before I actually listened to the track. It made me think of falling into a safety net, in-between the past and the future. It gave me a sort of feeling that everything will fall into place eventually.

We often take things too harsh or act a little too erratic towards the things we cannot control. As I was automatically writing, a certain confirmation that worrying about the future or blaming the past was completely worthless. And that these energy recourses could easily be put into use for something more productive. As everything’s dependent on the current moment, which many people take for granted or often overlooked. Maybe because this idea is too obvious.

I’m not really aware of what Comakid’s original intentions were regarding the theme of the original version but that’s what I got when reflecting back on the process of creating the remix.

– Liam Back

Out on the 25th of January ’23 by courtesy of DRRT Records.

Stream or Purchase here


Blog written by DRRT Records, Comakid & Liam Back
Cover Artwork By Comakid
Video/Animation by Daniel aka Bingo Concept

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