Nike Huarache Run Premium Zip
Audio & Visual Editorial by CRPTC CHILD 

Designing the excellence — Damn right.

Although this Sneaker Edition was released in December 2018, we felt pretty drawn to the original magic, designed in 1991 by Tinker Hatfield. This inspired us to create Artwork similar to 90’s Poster-esque campaigns. This Trainer has been proven to be the greatest complement to a tracksuit ever. Which is why we broke the rules in clothing our model in a pair of slacks, turtleneck and a jeans jacket. Black and White as the 2018 RUN PRM ZIP Edition.

We combined several skills such as Video, Photography, Music Production, Collage, Graphic & Motion Design into one medium to create a full virtual experience, starring the up and coming model “Prince” showcasing this nostalgic piece.

„We felt pretty drawn to the original magic, designed in 1991 by Tinker Hatfield.“


Our Mission — Luring the attention of the new gen, yet at the same time seducing a die hard & loyal fan to bring these feels’ out from the old school and into the stream of light.Taking the essentials of the Nike Air Huarache into consideration like the memorable & lightweight construction, breathable upper design and comfortable feel, it was our calling to bridge the gap between sport and leisure in this Editorial.


Nike Huarache Run Prm Zip


The choice of Streetwear
has Staggered Tremendously.
Even well known Brands

that have been around for
decades find it hard to stand out

in this vast changing society.
A popular way to show off
new footwear 
has always been in
music-led subcultures 
as music videos. 
This has obviously
been passed down 
from generation
to generation. 
Which is why it was
important for us to create 
an Editorial
thats fast moving and social spreadable.

Nike Huarache Run Prm Zip

— We are CRPTC CHILD, two Audio & Visual
currently based in Hamburg, Germany.
This multi-conceptual project started after several
years of living together & working in the fashion
and music industry. 
Our work is a combination of still
and moving imagery – Liam & Katinka

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