Performing a live-set at HÄKKEN (Klubhaus St.Pauli – Hamburg GER) as support-act for Singer/Songwriter „Douglas Dare“. For the night of the „KIEZ TREATS“ first opening.

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I had the honor of meeting Douglas Dare backstage in person. He is a very down to earth guy. Even though our music seemed different in comparrison to our performances, as i had a pretty much uptempo set prepared compared to the downtempo piano work of his music. But my personal work has always been some what experimental and slow paced, which is on par with his art too. I could vision us collaborating in the future one day. His overall performance was very natural and soft on the ears. All he needed was a nord keyboard and a microphone. The audience, all sat on the floor taking in the atmosphere. I heared a few of his tracks obviously before the gig, but actually being there was totally different, I really felt it. He is one of those artists you have to see live to experience the emotion he puts into his music. So thank you to everyone involved for also making me a part of this night.

„The overall sound aesthetic based on Dare’s fascinatingly good piano work, has even been compared to that of James Blake.“ – Szene Hamburg

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