Native Instruments
Retro Synth Plug-in

Being a Reaktor Synth you just know
this is going to have a great tone!


Ok, so i got to test out Native Instruments new Reaktor Based 8-Voice Polyphonic Synth Plug-in, „Super 8“. I’ve been searching for a 70’s/80’s type of Plug-in for quite some time. And NI was missing a simple virtual analog synth in their portfolio of synths until now. („Retro Machines“, sample based Kontakt player does not count, btw) So when Native Instruments got in contact with me regarding, well exactly this, i could not wait to hear what this Virtual Instrument actually does.

After the download I then played around for a couple of hours, created some bass-lines, some synth melodies. I obviously only did what I found to do intuitively. I did not get any instructions or tutorial from NI so it was totally up to me on how to use it. After a day i had a couple of tracks & ideas ready, which i sent over to the NI team. One of the Audio Demos ended up on their product page. „Tasty Serves“.

„A Staccato bass, combining vintage warmth with a digital edge, kicks off this modern track. Percussive arpeggios and pad-like sweeps float atop a machine-based rhythm.“

It takes those sounds and feels of a Prophet-5,
Roland Jupiter8, Juno or Korg Polysix
and squeezes it into a affordable and fast GUI

Although I haven’t yet tried out the „Analog Dreams“ library from Kontakt. I do like the warm sounds that Kontakt library produces i’ve heared some sounds on a track by my brother, so i want to check that out soon.

I still think Super8 could be a hidden retro-synth-wave gem though.

More bang for your Buck‘

I found the oscillators shapes have a wide sonic range, which could go places other retro synths could not go. It’s creative and easy to handle the OSCs simultaneously, yet can be complex in it’s diversity for instance adding reverb, effects and FM filter to each sound you created. The Knobs and Faders have a lot of hidden stuff under each of their tabs etc. Oh and not to mention the 350 Presets to go through. So I think after an hour or two I still didn’t really get to unleash all its capabilities to be honest.

And Keep in mind this synth is only 99 Dollars and has the power of an absolute beast! It was even cheaper at its release date. Compared to the most expensive and complex synths you get nowadays you are actually getting a lot more for a hundred bucks, I must say. Super 8 got yo back.

I don’t think anyone would ever replace their Favorite VST gems with any similar plug-in to be honest. Yes, i’m human and also need time to adjust. I personally own a fair share of Korg and Roland vintage virtual synths, so i know what i’m searching for in a retro synth and i know how to get there by using them type of plug-ins. Sure, i can get pretty close by using this 8-voiced plugin too, i just don’t know my tracks around the circuit too good. And in a work flow short for time, i don’t want to be searching for sounds, so this might not be my first choice. 

However, after saving a couple of custom and favorite sounds, this is certainly a solid plug-in And I love playing around with it, once having that creative time spare. For someone who hasn’t been through 15 years of VSTs and just wants the sound of the 80’s in a Virtual Dance machine, this is deffo a „go getter“!

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